Green energy Fountain Overview

Dear Reader,

I take immense pleasure in introducing to you Green Energy Fountain, a young vibrant company in the business of solar photovoltaic engineering and contracts. We have 2 prime offices in the state of Tamilnadu, India. We have secured the best engineering capabilities to obtain the TEDA’s (Tamilnadu Energy Development Agency) enlistment which is the state nodal agency for Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE, GOI organization).

Our solutions range from small power packs (0.5-1 kW) for domestic needs to medium scale (300 to 500 kW) power projects for industrial demands and automation. Besides having a technical portfolio for such ranges, we have also developed good relations with leading solar PV OEMs like Bosch, EMMVEE, Emerson, etc., to cater the EPC requirements of large scale power plants from 100 to 250 MW.

We also undertake power plant management, operations and maintenance services through Build-Own-Operate-Transfer basis which is greatly appreciated by our customers. Our customer array differentiate our responsibilities widely and wisely between technical to commercial aspects of this business, wherein after sales service is our upmost commitment which we regard as the core competency in this new solar realm.

Our sole aim is to provide exquisite and unheard of features to the concept of solar technology. We request you to have a tour of our website, brochure, presentation and our projects page to have a better understanding at how we can live in a solar atmosphere without worrying about power crisis.

Thank Nature, Think Solar!

Our Services

Dear Readers,
We are at a cross-road today wherein we have four simple choices.

  • Go Forward:

    We should implement a techno-commercially feasible waste to energy power plant program that shall handle both our energy crisis and cleanliness requirements and builds an energetic and eco-friendly society.

  • Take Left:

    Wait for a multi-crore rupees power plant project that is going to satisfy your energy needs. But you don’t know when that may happen these days where we starve for fuels...!

  • Take Right:

    Hope for a really bright solid waste management technology that is going to provide you with clean living environment and we wish you good luck...! For that too isn’t going to happen without a miracle.

  • Turn Back:

    Learn to live in an energy deficit scenario which going to get worse in future and tackle the dreaded diseases the polluted atmosphere that is going to yield you with. There will be no more cross roads to make choices if you take this direction...!

As responsible citizens of our society we seek your help and support towards this “Waste to Energy”-program. We are striving to GO FORWARD!!! Yes, we at Green Energy Fountain are implementing a waste to energy power plant that will feed us with energy and pristine, healthy living place.